kalasim will be very present this year at the Winter Simulation Conference 2022 (Singapore, December 11-14, 2022). Feel welcome to reach out to us at the conference to discuss about simulation, kalasim, process analytics & optimization, or kotlin for data science. We are also ready - and eager - to support you with your simulations written in kalasim at the conference. We intentionally do not have a physical booth - our booth will just be where we meet you!


As part of the research initiative AISSI, where various partners from industry and academy develop, integrate and apply novel AI-based approaches to bring scheduling to a new level, we have modelled a complex production process with kalasim. By applying reinforcement learning in a framework for autonomous, integrated production and maintenance scheduling, we strive to outperform classical planning methods wrt critical KPIs such as throughput or due date adherence.

As part of the Modeling and Simulation of Semiconductor Manufactoring track, we - Holger Brandl (lead dev of kalasim), Philipp Rossbach, and Hajo Terbrack from SYSTEMA GmbH and Tobias Sprogies from NEXPERIA Germany GmbH) - will proudly present our analysis of a complex manufacturing process simulation implemented with kalasim.

Maximizing Throughput, Due Date Compliance and Other Partially Conflicting Objectives Using Multifactorial AI-powered Optimization

For the abstract see here

kalasim has grown very quickly from small experimental API into a battle-tested real-time scalable open-architecture next-generation code-first simulation engine, designed not just for engineers, but for business process analysts and industrial engineers who need to go beyond the limitations of existing simulation tools to model and optimize their business-critical use-cases.

If you want to get started with kalasim, need support, or if you think that some important feature is yet missing, feel welcome to get in touch.