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How to get started with kalasim?

Depending on your prior experience with simulation and programming, it may take time to become fluent with kalasim.

To streamline the learning experience, we've organized our learning process suggestions by audience.

I have experience with simulation

  1. Start by doing a crash course to learn some kotlin programming basics
  2. Run the provided simulation examples Simple Traffic and Extended Traffic in your browser (powered by datalore)
  3. Pick your favorite example and try converting it into a datalore notebook
  4. Try visualizing some metrics using the built-in visualization methods

I have experience with programming

  1. Download the community edition of Intellij IDEA
  2. Follow the instructions to create a Kotlin application
  3. Add kalasim as a dependency as described in the setup
  4. Understand the fundamentals of simulation and the main simulation entities
  5. Pick you favorite example and work it out towards your own interest/use-cases

Get in touch

Feel welcome to get in touch with us for support, consulting and discussion.